Who What Why: Media For All

/ April 30th 2020






Media for All was set up by Naren Patel to showcase senior BAME talent in Media and to set up a support network for “BAMERS”.

BAME representation in media owners as well as media and creative agencies remains significantly below the communities in which we live. In agencies, the figure hovers around 13%, while media owners don’t even have a centralised forum for collecting or sharing their data. As a result, most media industry events remain a sea of white with the odd non-white face, despite the London BAME population sitting at 41%.

The media sector struggles with recruiting BAME talent and the lack of senior BAME role models makes retention even harder. Media for All was set up to help encourage more BAME talent into media and to provide support and mentoring network to ensure BAME talent flourishes in the media industry that we all love.

We provide mentors for events and have worked with organisation such as NABS Creative Equals and media owners and agencies. We also offer one to one mentoring which can be accessed through our website. All our services are free.

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