/ July 2nd 2020

As an organisation Outvertisings’ mission is to promote the fair and accurate presentation of LGBTQ+ People in advertising and marketing communications. View our introduction view here.

Agitate:¬†Outvertising’s primary goal is to remove any LGBTQ+ prejudice from the advertising and marketing work and promote an inclusive creative environment.

The Outvertising guide is our custom produced resource to create inclusive and diverse LGBTQ+ content. The Outvertising Podcast probes key figures in the industry and the Outvertising community for insight and challenges as to issues that are being faced.

Celebrate: Outvertising also promotes LGBTQ+ role models in the advertising and marketing sector, with the Outvertising awards, view our video here, and our Mentoring programme as highlights activities, people and companies in the industry that are driving change and providing best practice.

Educate: Finally, Outvertising aims to provide support and information to LGBTQ+ people working or seeking to work in the advertising marketing sector. Our guide to setting up a LGBTQ+ Network is a great way for an employee to develop a supportive base within their organisation. Additionally, our Active Ally Training compliments our Role Model Training as a way to nurture an environment of change in the workplace.


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